The village "Os de Civís"

Os de Civis, altitude (1,650 m) also called Civís Aós is a decentralized municipal entity belonging to Valls de Valira in the region of l'Alt Urgell, is the most populous of the town core. The village retains the medieval houses have now been built and many second homes.

Os de Civis is situated in the valley of Aós, part of Setúria Coma, and Os river basin, a tributary of the River Valira. Geographically, the valley is in the shed I Andorran, but administratively always belonged to Catalonia (Lleida). Only can enter Os de Civis down the road from Sant Julia de Loria (Andorra).

The entrance to the village of Os is done through a wide street with hotels on both sides, with many gift items. I have four great restaurants. From the edge of town for a paved road and surrounded by small houses will come to the Church of San Pedro and Santa Margarita.


Sant Pere d'Os de Civís

The parish I mentioned in the Act of Consecration of the Cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell and the Church of San Pedro de Os is documented for the first time in 1312.

It consists of a rectangular to which side chapels were added on the north side, The ship ends in a semicircular apse which was added a sacristy. The current gateway is located on the west wall, is protected by a recently rebuilt portico area.

On the north wall was another door, now bricked. By the door stands a bell tower square.

In the first two floors only loophole shaped windows while on the upper floor are four semicircular windows. His appearance at the location of the temple as the height of the tower is a fortress.


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